Wrath (Ira)

William Congreve said, heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. Grab a bite,sit comfortably,and enjoy beef by Anosime (@AnosimeI)

He was new, but the street was not. Five years had gone since he last set foot on these streets. He had expected a couple of well-wishers and familiar faces around him but this little girl staring at him with a plastic blue ball in her hands standing in front of him was the only crowd he got. He smiled feebly at her but she only continued staring blankly at him.
Ekene has bigger fish to fry as he searched for any sign of life in Uloma’s house. At last he heard a door slam in the house, there must be someone in there. He had called her on the phone before getting here so he expected her at the door ready all freshened and ‘dolled up’ to welcome him. That was what responsible girlfriends who wanted to have him as a husband did. At last she came out of the house walking gracefully towards him perfume and all. He wasn’t too pleased to see her but she seemed really pleased to see him considering all the work she had gone through to make herself beautiful.
He was hungry. Food was all that mattered right now and the scent of the food being prepared in the kitchen made him salivate invisibly. She hugged him, he shrugged and hugged her back He was impatient to go inside, sit on clean toilet, eat a good meal and be lost in good romance. For an ‘I-Just-got-back’, he tried to settle in pretty fast.
“How was your flight, darling?” she said lifting up the lighter of his luggage. “Cool, except that the woman who sat by me really had bad breath”
Uloma smiled. Her Father-in-law to be had called her that morning urging her to ensure she took care of their son, since they knew he would first set foot in her house before he came to the village. He had said something about the need for him to quickly acclimatise and jet lag, but they weren’t too bothered since they knew Uloma would take good care of him. After all, she had been an important factor in his travelling to Germany, helping with his tuition fee before travelling for his Doctorate degree, pulling strings when he got caught up with a credit card fraud…keeping the pregnancy.
Ah! Yes the pregnancy.
Her father had been furious with her when he found out she had taken in outside wedlock, her mother on the other hand, was eventually supportive, all after she vehemently condemned the act knowing who Chief Udaeze, her husband of thirty-two years was. The man who’s decision the King of their own hometown feared and the same one who had disowned his first son simply because he fought publicly at school. He would have easily disowned her, had she not told him he was rounding up his education in Germany and soon returning to tie the knot, he wouldn’t have relaxed his rules.
The deal breaker was when they romped under the sheets at his place when she visited him in Germany. She found out she had conceived when she returned to Nigeria. Her fear was that he would stall the marriage since he wasn’t through with his education and hadn’t built a house and started his business, like he had repeatedly told her and all that could listen to him. Chances of that happening within the next nine months were very slim, considering how much his family banked upon his return for survival. Surprisingly, he accepted the pregnancy and assured her they would be married once he returned.
The subliminal messages in his tweets said otherwise.


Ekene couldn’t stop scrolling through his Galaxy tab trying to make contact with a few friends. She wanted to protest but that would spoil the moment she wanted to spend with her fiancé. A hand reached out to her, absent-mindedly holding a blue teddy bear with a heart-shape in between its hand, with an inscription “Forever with you”. One of those things you hurriedly pick up at the airport store.“Thank you. It is cute”, She hugged him, but he was back to scrolling.
The bath tub did the magic of unnerving him, easing the jet lag out of him. His body had begun to adapt to the bath tub magic when he perceived the aroma of the massage oils that were in the bathroom. “Ah! This is the welcome I deserve”. He had always teased Ulo to get a part-time job as a masseuse.
Few minutes later dinner was served…
It was already 7.00pm by this time. Steaming hot fried rice, fried plantain, Cole slaw and assorted meat was on the menu. A tall bottle of red wine and two immaculate glasses were by the dishes. Uloma chimed the glass to make a toast “To your welcome back home into my arms from your long study trip abroad”, she smiled but he avoided her slightly eyes. “And to us as we prepare to become a family soon”, She continued.
He cursed silently under his breath at her for making a hungry man wait for his food whilst doing all the unnecessary delay tactics. Her stern pretty face stared back at him and for a second he saw black feathers grow all over it with a blue horn spring out from her forehead and brown bloodied fangs grow out of a cracked bloodied mouth. His mouth hung open and he blinked twice to validate his observation. “Eks, are you alright? I know you are tired honey we’ll soon be in bed” her sensuous voice re-awakened him.
The food was delicious. A bad case of indigestion had prevented her from eating but red wine had its own antioxidant effect that was all she drank.
She pushed a brown envelope in front of him. “What is this?” A surprise for me?” The only thing he could think of was another cheque from her or that she had acquired another property in his name to convince her dad that he was ready to be married. On the contrary it contained several photos with his other fiancée, copies of all the landed property they had acquired together, receipts of the purchase of a diamond ring, school fees, and a dozens of papers containing money transfer transactions to a certain Miss Akudo Raymond.
“What the fuck is this shit? Bitch. Look I don’t have time for this”, he bellowed, looking around to see if there was anything she could use to harm him, a hidden gun perhaps. Nothing scared him right now more than her calm poise and her countenance. “I knew all along but I was quiet, thinking all would change but you kept going far. Knowing all I had risked to help you”, She was too calm it scared him.
“Look, doll face, it is what it is. Now you know her so what?, I can’t be with someone like you besides she is not ready to get married now, so?
“Someone like me?”,
“You didn’t bother to ask about our child, how I miscarried because I couldn’t handle all I heard about you , your ‘sexcapades’, your affair, the engagement and your marriage preparations ”
“I have no time right now for such things” he said as she moved a few inches closer to him. His eyes were still darting here and there trying to find something to protect himself in case she brought out a weapon.
“I hope you loved the meat…I hope you enjoyed eating her, because that meat you ate was the well kept frozen corpse of your child. Live with that for the rest of your life. Bastard!”, with that she grabbed her purse , took her keys and cat-walked out of the house into her white Mercedes. She put on the car stereo out of habit and guess what was playing? Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’.
For some reason he remembered the little girl with the ball standing outside the gate.
“Oh my God…” he muttered

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  1. Wow!!! Mehn…I need to search myself for my hidden talents. What? Nice piece….really nice. But, cole slaw??? Anyways, keep this up y’all.

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